Support MMS with your Amazon, Randall's and Kroger Purchases

8/19/2021 11:15 am

Support MMS with Your Amazon, Randall's, and Kroger Purchases!

This is the easiest way to support our PTA!  Randall's, Kroger, and Amazon all have programs that donate a percentage of your purchases directly to the MMS PTA!  Please sign up and take advantage of these donation dollars.


  • Randall's: Stop by the service counter and request your account be linked to our Good Neighbor number (4676).
  • Amazon: Go to and choose PTA Texas Congress 5064 Memorial Middle School as your charity.
  • Kroger: Go to the Kroger website and link you account to NH135, the Memorial Middle School PTA.

Thank you to our sponsors for your support of the MMS PTA!





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